Speedrunning, the art of completing a video game as fast as possible, has become a popular and competitive aspect of the gaming world. It combines skill, strategy, and sometimes even exploits to achieve record-breaking times. For those new to speedrunning, this world can be both fascinating and daunting. This beginner's guide offers an introduction to speedrunning, covering basic strategies, popular games in the community, and resources for new players.

Understanding Speedrunning

The Basics of Speedrunning

  • Definition and Goals: Speedrunning is about finishing a game or reaching a specific goal in the shortest time possible. This can involve completing the entire game or achieving specific objectives.
  • Categories: There are different types of speedruns, such as Any% (completing the game by any means necessary), 100% (completing the game with all objectives), and glitchless runs.

Getting Started in Speedrunning

Choosing the Right Game

  • Popular Games: Some popular games for speedrunning include 'Super Mario 64', 'The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time', and 'Minecraft'. Choose a game you enjoy and are familiar with.
  • Learning the Game: Understand the game’s mechanics thoroughly. Watching existing speedruns can provide valuable insights into strategies and tricks.

Basic Strategies

  • Route Planning: Developing an efficient route is crucial. This involves planning the fastest path through the game, including which tasks to complete and in what order.
  • Practice: Speedrunning requires practice. Start by breaking the game into segments and mastering each part before attempting a full run.

Tools and Resources

Essential Software

  • Timers: Tools like LiveSplit or WSplit are used by speedrunners to keep track of their timing. These timers can be customized for different segments of the run.
  • Recording Software: Recording your runs is important, both for submission to leaderboards and for self-review. OBS Studio is a popular choice for capturing gameplay.

Learning from the Community

  • Speedrunning Forums and Websites: Sites like offer leaderboards, forums, and resources. They are excellent places to learn from other runners and track progress.
  • Twitch and YouTube: Many speedrunners stream their attempts on Twitch or post them on YouTube. Watching these can provide tips and inspiration.

Participating in the Community

Engaging with Other Speedrunners

  • Online Communities: Join speedrunning communities on platforms like Discord and Reddit to share experiences, ask questions, and get support.
  • Local and Online Events: Events like Games Done Quick are great for seeing speedrunning in action and connecting with the community.


Speedrunning is a unique and exciting way to experience video games. It requires dedication, creativity, and patience, but the thrill of setting a personal or world record is unmatched. By starting with the right tools, choosing a suitable game, and engaging with the community, anyone can embark on their speedrunning journey. As you develop your skills and strategies, you'll not only improve your gameplay but also join a passionate and supportive community of gamers.